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involved in exciting projects

TRIPTYK is the ideal partner. A partner in the digital achievements of your desires using the latest and offering innovative technologies. A exclusive partner for graphics design, application design, web design, brand design. We can go from 360  to the creation of exclusive illustrations and shooting.We can also be a partner in the copy, the content of your web pages and articles of all kinds.
Finally we help in the creation, organization and production of training. TRIPTYK is the ideal partner with its ability to implement the necessary tools for your needs and pander to existing workflows. TRIPTYK has the expertise and flexibility to assist you in all phases of your project, from Genesis to delivery. 

TRIPTYK evolves in a technosphere and juggles languages, frameworks and libraries like PHP, My SQL, Node.JS, Mongo DB, Drupal, HTML5, CSS3, GULP, GRUNT, SASS, COMPASS, SUSY, Express.JS, Kraken, Sails.JS etc.Triptyk main goals are simple: Give you effectiveness and efficiency to develop your day to day digital tools. In the new project approach, work organization, the design, construction, implementation and operation of products delivered.

TRIPTYK has 10 employees

  • Gilles Bertrand
    Gilles Bertrand
    CEO, Founder
  • Vincent Urbain
    Vincent Urbain
    Artistic Director Founder
  • Joëlle Hoquart
    Joëlle Hoquart
  • Geoffrey Denys
    Geoffrey Denys
    Project Manager
  • Stéphane Meermans
    Stéphane Meermans
    Project Manager
  • Anissa Belkheir
    Anissa Belkheir
    Web Integrator, Trainer
  • Guillaume Danzin
    Guillaume Danzin
    Integrator, web designer
  • Bogdan Laskowski - Web Developer
    Bogdan Laskowski
    Web Developer, Trainer